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Melanie and Zachary Binns Wedding Reception

We enjoyed the privilege of playing for Melanie & Zachary's wedding reception at the Lincoln Parish Library Event Center on Saturday, January 29th.  A very large crowd that rocked the whole evening–they didn't want to stop dancing!  The food was great, everyone had a large time!  see The Ruston Daily Leader

New Years Eve - Bayou Desiard Country Club

Tony Cortellini on keyboards


This was a PARTY!

Formal dinner at 6pm, the band started playing at 9pm, almost 3 1/2 hours of music, finishing up about 12:45am.  People dressed to the 9's and ready to dance from the first song!  Pictures


2010 New Years Eve party at the Bayou Desiard Country Club


Neville Class of 1970 40th Reunion

Neville Reunion Dance FloorWhat a treat to play! The Neville High School Class of 1970 had it's 40th reunion at the Bayou Desiard Country Club in Monroe, a beautiful facility along the northern shore of the bayou, and Buddy got to play for his classmates! Buddy grew up about 300 yards away across the bayou and this was a real homecoming for him. He told some terrific childhood stories and we visited his home and mother before the show. The setting & the mood were just perfect.Buddy Making a Point

At 8pm sharp we stormed the stage and lit the place up with the band's best effort to date, and it couldn't have come at a better time. The folks loved the music and were ready to party, and the BTB easily obliged them. Three hours of dancing and singing and all had a very large time. The organizing committee couldn't have been more accommodating or the people more gracious, and the whole evening was a joy for both the class and the band.

I'll say it. The band hit a home run, and the Neville Class of 1970 ROCKS!!


Tony with his flute was a HUGE hit!Alice ProphitRuston Civic Symphony Society Picnic At The Park Concert

The Buddy Terzia Band was invited back by popular demand. This year's venue was the Argent Pavilion next to the Louisiana Tech Football Stadium–a covered outdoor event (last year's weather presented a challenge!) The sound was outstanding even with a metal roof–guess the open sides reduce the "bounce back", and of course Mack Blake (American Audio) is a tremendous sound guy.

This was a 2+ hour gig with no break; a whole lot of people, many bringing picnic baskets and decorative condiments. Even the heat & humidity couldn't keep 'em in their seats–quite a bit of dancing ensued.

Craig BostickDoug CrawfordIt was a relaxed atmosphere and the band changed personality to be a traditional dance band with a good dash of 'show' mixed in.

We made new friends and fans and had a great time!



Buddy working hardNew Years Eve–Ruston Country Club!

What a blast! A great set of folks having a marvelous time partying and wonderful food.  Played about 3 hours with a short break.  This is a fabulous place to play!


Pictures from the evening


Buddy at Pigfest We had a GREAT time in Talullah at the 15th Annual Pig Fest Saturday night!  Buddy engaged a Mayo Tour bus and about a dozen of us rode over together, meeting the balance of our group.  Buddy said that he was bringing the party to them, and did he ever. We started playing about 8pm and went for 2 hours and 20 minutes without a break.

There were tent cities set up, great food, outstanding hospitality, and everyone had a wonderful time!